Sea Freight

Translogstica’s maritime services arises from the needs of importers and exporters for a comprehensive logistics service.
Our experience and strategic alliances allow us to generate the value and confidence needed from our customers for the transportation of their cargo to and from the main ports around the world.


Air Freight

Translogística is the perfect solution for moving goods via air around the world, as we account on a global network of agents specialized in the handling of general and dangerous cargo.


Land Freight

TRANSLOGÍSTICA offers an integrated logistics service in full and consolidated land cargo (FTL / LTL) through our network of regional agents and our partners for handling, storage and distribution of merchandise in the region of Mexico, Central America, Belize and Panama, as well as the multimodal service option (Maritime / Air / Land).

  • Door to Door Service
  • GPS satellite monitoring
  • Customs brokerage
  • Storage
  • Merchandise insurance
  • Custodian (Limited to the Central American Region)


Cargo Insurance

TRANSLOGÍSTICA is here to advise you on the best coverage of any kind of international transport risks. We are also prepared to deal with more complex situations that may put your cargo at risk, such as, robbery, strikes, and riots. By working hand in hand with top international insurance agencies we are here to guarantee the protection of material losses and damages that may arise as a result of, including but not limited to:

  • Force majeure throughout your sea and land transfer.
  • Characterized transport accidents.
  • Armed robbery of a vehicle.


Project Cargo

Our project cargo department includes the international transport and movement of heavy and oversized cargo, as well as project cargo management. Products of any size and weight are transported to and from Guatemala and El Salvador from any origin to any destination. Because the requirements of every project are different, the operating and handling procedures are tailored to your needs.

  • Transportation and routing estimates and recommendations.
  • Transportation consultatory.
  • Quote made according to specification.
  • Close monitoring and communication with all the parties involved.
  • Cargo arrival confirmation.
  • Land transit, loading and unloading.
  • Storage and custom services.
  • Processing of road permits.
  • Cargo inspection.
  • Customs papers and procedures.
  • Port handling, preparation, and cargo reception.


Customs Brokerage

TRANSLOGÍSTICA offers customs brokerage service, thus facilitating the logistics operation. Our services include, tariff classification, origin declarations, valuation, and customs procedures such as, suspensive and liberatory regimes, international agreements and treaties, and special permit procedures.



We provide you with a mail box and physical address in the United States of America for the reception of your correspondence and purchases, and deliver it to your door in Guatemala.

  • Advisory on procedures.
  • Traceability and follow up of shipments.
  • Integrated services.

We also offer custom rates depending on the volume of shipments

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Around the world and across town, TRANSLOGÍSTICA of Guatemala and El Salvador will deliver your cargo when, where and how you need it! Originating about 20 years ago from the maritime agency Transmares S.A. from Guatemala, we combine more than 60 years of experience in cargo handling. We back our services with the best and most dedicated team of people, as well as with cutting edge technology and communications systems. This, together with our worldwide network of agents, has allowed us to place ourselves in a leading position in the market. In Translogística, we work on custom logistics solutions tailor made to the needs of our customers for every step of the supply chain.


To offer our logistics services in the right place and at the right time, creating the perfect conditions to ensure the security of our clients’ interests and their trust in our practices.


To make our brand present at any place and circumstance, to be a regional leader in the industry, applying the best and most sustainable practices, generating tranquility and trust in our customers and business partners.

Certifications and Alliances

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